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Zac Munro Chosen as 2013 Mazda Club Racer Shootout Finalist!

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Meet Zac Munro

Zac started racing in 2010 at the age of 14 in the Colorado Junior Karting Club with a 12 horsepower motor. His first year was a great learning experience. Zac’s biggest challenge was learning how to handle the cart, keep his momentum throughout the course, and keep everything smooth. His father Brian Munro coached Zac and helped him develop his ability to keep a line to properly accelerate through the corners, strategically where to be positioned on the track and how to keep his cool when neck and neck with other drivers. Zach studied, focused, practiced constantly and truly developed.

The Beginning

In Zac’s first races he struggled to keep the cart on the track and ended the races towards the end of the pack. Through hard work and honing in his talent, Zac sped by those days to a level of a leading competitor.

Zac and Brian’s goal in the Colorado Junior Karting Club was to teach Zac how to handle a cart with low horsepower so that he could learn how to properly race, keep up his momentum and be strategic and tactical about how he drove. Once he honed in his ability, talent, and wherewithal to race these carts, he would be able to truly excel once he had a more powerful car.

Taste of Victory

Zac developed his technical driving abilities and in 2010 Bandimere Speedway it clicked for Zac. Zac came in second in this 7 race series. And once he had a taste of winning, he new that it was going to be a busy offseason going into 2011.

In 2011 & 2012 Zac was a force to be reckoned with. Zac won two races in 2011 and always was within the top three. He also went to the IKF Nationals International Karting Association tournament and came in 5th in the nation. Zac worked hard, and at that point new he had a future and a passion for the sport.


teen mazda
In 2012 Zac bought a spec Mazda Miata and entered the Sports Car Club of America, Rocky Mountain Region, and brought his game to the next level. It was another learning year for Zac, but as he has in the past, he worked hard and came to speed.

Zac’s biggest challenge in the new circuit was learning how to manage a heavier vehicle, learning how the intracicies to handling a vehicle with suspension and understanding the technicality of driving a manual. Zac trained hard and competed against a talented group. Zac picked it up, quickly, and with vengeance.

In 2013 Zac entered the National Auto Sports Association and the Team Mazda Challenge. Zac new this was his opportunity to fight for his keep. Zac started off winning his first race, followed by three more wins to date. Zac is leading the Teen Mazda Challenge in the standings and plans to win the challenge.